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Sharon Green

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Jun 7, 2003
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Market town in Herefordshire
Im so excited :D Got home last night to find out that Paul has booked us a 3 night stay in New York at the end of October :D I don't know what to do with my self!! The sights, the nails, the buildings, the shopping OMG!!!!!

Ok, seriously now, anyone been to New York? I'm after loads of tips on where to go, where to eat etc.


Im not excited, honest.


I've never been to New York but a friend of mine has and she said that the 9/11 site is a must she said even though it's been so long it's still really emotional.

I hear theres a lot of state parks so u could go and have a picnic or something like that.

hope you have a lovley time and when you come back i wanna hear all about it.
You have got to go to the Empire State Building - its a total must!!
How lucky are you!! I've been to New York a good few times cause my husband used to work there, my one mega tip to you would be PACK A FEW CLOTHES IN A BIG SUITCASE!! infact i used to pack everything i needed into a small case and then put THAT into a bigger case :lol: but by the time i was coming home both cases would be jammers full !!

So, my tips would be: when you get there get the red open top bus tour - you know the ones, every capital city has them, and stay on it for the whole tour & mark off where you want to go back to on the map as you go around, that way you see all the major sights, (it will take you through all the different parts ie chinatown, little italy, etc,) and still have time to go back to the ones that looked interesting. The empire estate building is great but the queue is always massive during the day, if you go first thing in the morning you can just about manage to beat it or go about 30 minutes before it closes in the evening and the same applies, the view is breathtaking in the night time.

For Shopping I love Century 21 in Lower Manhattan, it's like a designer warehouse sale, you have to root around but they have fantastic stuff at rock bottom prices! For all the copy goods (ie fake handbags & rolex's) head to Canal Street, every shop there sells them, if you don't see what you want ask the traders, they have shops hidden away where they keep the real good stuff but they'll take you there if they know you have money to spend. 5th Avenue is great, Nike town is fantastic, much much cheaper than here, so is Gap - there is a chain of shops called Old Navy which sells stuff like Gap but cheaper again. all the cosmetics are much cheaper than here.

If you like chinese/thai food then visit Tao on 42 East 58th Street, it is soooo SATC!!! they have a web site, it's sooo trendy & cool and the food is delicious, if you are into people watching then it's a mecca!! Another FAB place is the 'Cheesecake Factory' they have 3 restaurants in NY and they are amazing...they have a full restaurant menu and then 30 :eek: :eek: :eek: different types of cheese cake to choose from for dessert!!! and they pack the dessert to go, which is great cause the food is sooo good you'll be stuffed after the first 2 courses, they have a web site, every time we go to the USA we go at least once before we leave, which probably explains why im a size 12 when i arrive and a 14 when i leave!!

So that's my tips...make sure you bring comfy shoes for during the day cause you'll be amazed how much walking you'll do!!...oh and the boat trip around Manhattan is great too, wrap up warm though cause it's cold when you get out on the water...the horse & carrage ride around central park is v. romantic in the evening...god im getting nostalgic now, might start trying to pursuade himself to take me back there in december...

have a fab time!!!

hi my sister went , and she said it was fab, just watch it though if you want to go see lady liberty, my sister reckons the signposts for where you get the ferry across are a bit confusing she ended up on the wrong ferry!! and she is pretty good with stuff like that , me i would end up god knows where :) , so if you do get the ferry i would ask someone before you get on it ,
Don't visit any nail establishments ... they are mostly pants!
Thanks for the tips, really appreciate it. I'm like a kid again, sooooooooooo excited.

Hi babe

You will have a fab time loads of shopping :) I went there many moons ago and remember dancing in the street holding up all the traffic with a traffic cop lol they used to love the English accent years ago and I asked him directions and he wouldnt let me go lol he was massive.

Have a fab time babe

Take care Dawnie xxxx

You will LOVE it. I went aged 12 and was bowled over then. Went back last November for my other halfs' 40th.

I'm, with Lou on the advice about the Empire state, we wnt last time at night, about 8.30 I think and we went straight trhough - no queues - but you can see all the ropes where people have to wait during the day - it would take all day just to get through it!
Not sure when they open it but the ice rink in Central Park is a laugh. It was open by the time we went mid-Novemeber - hadn't been ice skating for about 12 years so the first few laps were a bit wobbly. Even if you've never done it before have a go here - it'll only happen once in your life!
Liberty also attracts massive queues - didn't go this time but I remember it well from being 12!! You get a really good view from the round Manhattan ferry anyway. I believe she only opened again last week following 9/11... When we went there was no working lift so you had to use the staircase, very narrow, slow and when you got to the top it was TINY inside. Personally I'd just stick to the view from the Empire state.
Depending on budget a helicopter ride over Manhattan is also FAB - did that one as a 12 year old and still get excited at the thought! A great way to see all as well...

Have fun,

B x
You must go to Ricky's!! There are loads around the city and def one on Broadway. They have so many really fun things (including for nails) that you will never see here.
I've never been to America but have always wanted to go so I'm so pleased for you (& only a little jealous!!):green: I've heard that you have to visit the department stores. Bloomingdales, Macys etc I don't know if these are in New York. Apparantly they can't do enough for you & they give out loads of samples & free gifts!! The cheesecake place sounds great!! I guess you should take a ride in a Yellow Cab but not far as I've heard they can be pricey. Have a fabulous time & make sure you put on here all about it.

By the way, if anyone has any info on working in America for a couple of months I'd be grateful as it's been a dream of mine forever!
Oh & I've heard there is a SATC tour but apparently it's not all that. Depends how big a fan you are, I think
Hiya, hope you have a great time. There's some fabulous tips on here to help you. We went a couple of years ago to celebrate my fortieth and made a dream come true as we flew back on Concorde! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that we did it!

We used a guide book to help us around which wasn't great as it told us of this fab market where all the new yorkers shop and it was the pits! Then we wandered back to our hotel and found a huge market right on our doorstep! The Empire State was wonderful;didn't feel the need to visit 9/11 site as back then you could "feel" the emotion in the city. Just seeing the gap in the skyline from the Empire State was enough for me.

I had my nails done on 5th avenue and Gigi is right to say that the nail salons are bad, however I'm glad I had the experience. Wrecked my nails for months but it was very interesting to see how NOT to do nails!

Did the department stores but of course they are expensive compared to the small shops where I had far more fun and found some really fab stuff.

We also didn't adjust our body clocks too much by sticking to UK time as close as possible. It meant we really didn't suffer jet lag although we did have to go to bed early in NY! No good if you want to see the night life!

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