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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
:( :( :( My nail broke!! I somehow caught my nail extension, which was lfting anyway so needed taking off. It ripped off taking my real nail with it!!! I have just over half of my real nail left and its PAINFUL

Can someone tell me if this will damage the nail? Apart from there being very little left! Its the only nail of mine that actually grows nicely! there any danger if i put another extension on whats left? I have my may ball soon and my nails need to look glam! But I want to protect it and make sure it grows back nicely!

Argh someone call the hospital! or just give me some advice please!

I had a similar injury with my big toe on my foot. Half of my toe nail was ripped off. First thing to do is clip away as much of the detatched part of the nail as you can.

If all of the nail ripped off, you should go to the doctor's. If only part ripped off, there is no need to go to the doctor's. Simply clip away the part of the nail that is seperated from the nail bed.

You may need to use a paperclip and slide it under the nail to be able to tell exactly how far it detatched itself. Just keep going under it with the pin and clip off as you go. Once you have clipped off as much as you possibly can, get yourself some polysporin cream. Use a cream, not an ointment because the cream dries up faster, with the ointment you will just create moisture which will not allow it to heal properly. Also, do not soak it in epson salts and whatnot. Also try to avoid covering it up because that doesn't allow it to breathe. After, all you will need to do is wait. Simply leave it to heal. Apply polysporin cream 3 times a day. You can also bandage it up when you go out, with a nonstick pad, and some gauze wrap. You should stop feeling pain, depending on how badly you injured it, within a week or so.

Going to the doctor's is useless, they will probably tell you exactly what I have just told you. Unless, all of your nail was ripped, you should probably go so they can properly remove it without damaging the matrix.
No No No No! Im not clipping the nail off! I'l just leave it to grow out but gonna place an extension on it cos I have to work tonight and tomorrow and my job is very much hands-on, so i'll need to protect it somehow :p

Oooo, you poor thing!

Doesn't that always happen just as you want your nails to look nice, something happens to them!?

Did you see Geeg's reply to the similarly titled post from Jen of the Hand Sanctury?

Perhaps Geeg will adivse if you can put an extension over it or not?

Hope it doesn't spoil your weekend too much!

I've been told by Dawnie that I can put a tip over, and it is mere;y for protection. I work in a bakery (so glam :rolleyes: ) and so its very hands on and I'm packing produce etc. My nails get destroyed enough at work so i have to have some sorta protection!! Its not as bad today, its settled down!!

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