OPI, Lumos or other?


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Jun 8, 2010
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A client has asked me to recommend a base and top coat for her nails. She is an unsuccessful Shellac wearer btw. After searching threads it seems Lumos is v popular but requires technique to apply. Opi is more readily available to her and the are a variety of different base coats. But what about CND? Any recomendations?
Think I've decided on toughen up and air dry.
Any comments on my choice?
Very good choice but so is Lumos duo pack.

By the way, there is no special technique involved in using lumos other than applying a thin coat of Lumos Bottom coat and a thicker coat of Lumos Top coat and a light touch ... Same as any polish. Same with the ones you have chosen.

Toughen up is a natural nail strengthened and can be used as the base coat before polish. Air Dry is a fast drying top coat, thick and protective.
Is Lumos made by CND?
Thanks folks. X
Do you think the toughen up might be better due to the problems she has at keeping Shellac on?
I think it would be worth a try for you to try Lumos on your clients nails. Lumos is a fast dy top and bottom coat that has a great shine and last long in the bottle. Lumos is great for people used to using Shellac as it dries in 10-12 minutes!!! Lumos isn't hard to use at all, just use it like a traditional polish application. Lumos top coat has a great consistency to it. Thin coat of bottom, the first coat of polish should also be thin, the second coat of polish is heavier and the top off with Lumos Top Coat.
if your customer wants to take it home, sell it to her. Lumos also comes in the little pinkie sizes!