opi... most popular colours?


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Aug 30, 2007
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doncaster s yorks
hi all! im tryin to build up a collection of opi as im only in the very beginin of trainin i was wondering what other people find are their most popular colours? (i do want lots eventually) but just some essentials colours at the min as all mine seem to be either gold silver or black!!! ive got lots of friends just askin me to paint theirs at the moment and dont have very many colours at all!!!!
Bubble bath,hawaiin orchid,and alpine snow for french manicures,oh and swedish nude if they still do it,as its a more softer cream colour.

For other colours,20 candles on my cake,not so bora bora pink,suzi sells sushi by the sea shore,lincoln park after dark,kimonover here,aphrodites pink nightie,the list goes on.

Get in touch with Lena White,and they can give you a reps details for your area.hth
hi hun, im still in training myself really, but so far my most popular colours are bogota blackberry, im not really a waitress, aprhrodites pink nightie, lincoln park after dark and chocolate mousse, but these are all from the classic collection, as i felt they would be better for me at first, than some of the more bright or funky colours, but when ive built up my client base, i will deffo stock up on some of the more recent colours, i could spend hourse looking at the enamel colours in the OPI or creative collection, they are to die for

good luck choosing hun

nicky xxx
A rose by dawn broke by noon and passion are my top two for the older clients!!!
some of my clients fave's include

pompeii purple
alpine snow (for french manicure)
im not really a waitress
strawberied in the sand
lincoln park after dark

T x
Why not just get the Russian Collection (really pretty) and the Garden Party (french colors). I think its best to have the newest colors, then as you build your business you can maintian all the classic colors.
thanku all 4 ur help ill give some of them a try! also a few of my freinds want me to paint their nails but are tryin to pay me a couple of pound for the polish that im usin do you think i should let them pay me i think its a bit cheeky of me (ive refused so far!!)

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