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Sep 12, 2011
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Higeeks, want to run this situation by u all see what u all think, feeling abit down. Have a wedding booked in with me for august, the girl also booked for putup for hen party (not a reg client as lives quite far away I do a lot of wedding that she wud be doing makeup so that's how she nos me) . One of the girls that works for me booked her in on a day I have booked off by complete accident, as soon as I realised I tried phoning her 3 times unable to get through so decided to send her a txt as I wanted to let her no ASAP, bearing in mind it's 3 weeks away. I explained the situation an was very apologetic, then 3 days later she sends me a rude txt sayin how unprofessional it was for me to txt and not ring, I explained I cudn get through an wanted to let her no, she then says this wud never have happened in the salon she works in an the appointment should never have been cancelled! I replied saying I was sorry whilst biting my tounge (I had offered one of the other girls cud have done it which she ignored), it genuinely was an honest mistake, is it just me or does this seem unfair??
It wasn't her wedding I wouldn't be here for just a night out

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