Other treatments with only small space?


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Sep 19, 2007
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Hi there fellow geeks!
I am currently doing nails and beauty mobile but I shall be going into a salon in about 12 weeks time. I currently do nails, waxing and hopi ear candeling, however the space in the salon will only be enough for my nail desk and so therefore will not be able to do waxing or ear candeling in the salon. I was just wondering if any of you know of any other treatments I could get qualified to do, to up my earnings a bit when I move as I dont really know if just doing nails will be enough. Any help will be much appriciated! Thanks for reading guys and will look forward to hearing from any of you! :green:
perhaps you could still do eyebrow waxes, that wont need a couch.
Id go for spray tanning hun, Ive only got a small salon, so thats really the only other thing I could offer!
I'll be doing some training hopefully this year!

You can move your nail desk out of the salon to make way for a pop up tent in which to do the tan!?

hth's xxx:hug:
Indian head massage
reflexology hth
Ear Piercing- Not a huge outlay for kit
Mini Pedicures ( I call it 'File, Cream & Polish')
Good Luck
air brush body art (temp tattoo's) very quick and the night club crowd love them
eyelash extensions! make up! pedicures! eyebrow shaping! hand massages! foot massages! i try and think of more as i work in a small salon too but i do have a couch., the treatments i listed does not need a couch
Thanks you geeks!! Every1 is so helpful here.

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