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Mar 25, 2003
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Hermosa Beach, California
Hi All,

Does anyone have any advice on caring for over filed nails? :oops:

I did a four day intensive course in February and as we had to practice on each other my nails became very sore and thin.

I've been wearing tips andover lay over them but as they were over filed right to the cuticles they are still thin near the free edge.

I've had to remove my enhancements at I'm doing a silk wrap course on Saturday, so I cut the tips off and just left the acrylic on hoping that would protect them from any more over vigorous filing. However, as my natural nails are very thin and bend a lot the acrylic has started to crack off (I guess, I probably shattered it too when I cut the tips off).

Apart from my nails looking AWFUL they are still tender. Can anyone tell me what I could do?

Can I put tips only on to protect my fingertips? I was hoping I could wear just tips and then they could be treated as natural nails when I get into the class on Saturday.

Sorry, this is a really long winded post and I'm not sure if I've explained myself properly.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

That's a problem nothing but time is going to solve (as far as I know) and the more you apply enhancements, the longer and more drawn out the process will be.
Do you HAVE to do the class at this time? And...if so, do you have to use your own nails?
You poor love
I would leave enhancements off for a while and just concentrate on good manicures to your nails and try to get them back into good condition.
Rub in plenty of solar oil the more the merrier :D
Can you not take a model along with you for the silk and explain to the tutor that your nails are painfull and that you would rather no one practiced on you!!!!!!!!!!
Take care Dawnie xx
Well love just a thought,
I have done that......... filed nails whilst watching tv and the ouch......
I just put a wrap(infill) on the sore area and let it grow out.........
As long as you are not bleeding like you been shot.........
So you could wrap the nails, they could still do a manicure on you , but your nail plate wouldn't be touch sensitive, and apply ooodles of solar oil.
Hope this helps
Love Ruth xxx
Thank you everyone for your replies.

I guess, it is just going to be time and manicures that help in the end.

I'm going to put more Solar oil on after this post.

I guess, it's my own fault for packing in too many courses - I'm going education mad at the moment!

I'm doing my Creative Foundation at the end of July I'm gonna be mortified if I have to turn up with manky nails!!! :oops:


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