Paraffin Wax For Manicures/Pedicures


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Nov 6, 2005
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Hi Everyone!
I have spent alot of time lately looking on this site and the net on what bath and wax to get for the above. I want to add Paraffin Wax Treatments to my manicures and pedicures or as treatments on their own, but I have overloaded my brain I think with all the different systems out there. Could someone please recommend an easy to use (in a salon) bath and wax system. I could do with one where the wax doesn't take hours to melt (if there is such a thing), as the electricity gets switched off overnight so I can't put on a timer or anything. Anyway all advice welcome! :)
hi, I have also been looking around to see what is out there for paraffin waxing. I am going to buy the Hive spray paraffin therapy. The mini multi pro paraffin spray starter kit is only £67.95 that has 3 chambers for the spray cartridges thats if you work from home etc, or in a busy salon you could use the multi pro cartridge paraffin spray starter kits for £93.95. this has 6 chambers for the spray cartridges and they are so much easier to use. all you do is prepare the manicure station, insert the cartridges into the chambers, heat on max for 15 mins, then turn down to number 4 for 10 mins its ready to use. sanitise hands,etc then just spray the hand and wrist, cover, mitt and leave for 10 mins then remove. Hive is a good make I have not heard anything bad about them yet. :)

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