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Aug 12, 2003
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Hi again guys! :rolleyes:
I've just ordered a remington paraffin wax spa bath and was just wondering if anyone else has got one? It does not seem to be thermostatically controlled is this ok or is it best to have one that is? It doesn't have a timer either and takes about 90 mins to heat up.

Are there any other makes that are better and quicker to heat up?

which wax is the best to use from your experience and is it ok to use wax pellets in the spa baths?

Also do you find that people prefer to dip their hands and feet rather than you brush the wax on? (need to know incase the pot paraffin wax heater is better!)

I will be working from home so transporting it won't be a problem!

Any ideas then my fellow geeks!!

xx Tamm :p
i've also got the remington wax spa.....i do find that without the temperature control the wax does get quite hot, i dont mind it like that but some people would find it far too hot, what i do is heat the wax then turn it off for a bit to let the wax cool slightly....and i would forget the 90 minute heat up bit....mine takes about double that to melt completely :(

i like the aromatherapy waxes as the smell lingers for ages too :)
I've just managed to find a remington one that is thermastatically controlled etc and is on offer at the same price of the one I've just ordered! So I've put one aside!!!

i would forget the 90 minute heat up bit....mine takes about double that to melt completely

Wow it takes a long time to heat up doesn't it!!!? :shock: Does this apply to the one that is thermastatically controlled too?

:( does it really take as long as that!!!?

you will find that the first melt will take the longest...i did make the mistake of just piling the wax blocks on top of each other which did not help matters, i should really have cut it up a bit so as to cover the whole base of the heater :D but once it has been melted then it solidifies in the shape of the spa itself it does not take quite so long....i still find it takes longer than 90 minutes though :(

i hope that kind of makes sense to you :)

i hope you dont mind me asking but where did you get the thermostatic controlled spa?
Yes that does make sense! And the thermo. controlled one is from Boots. Usually £60 now £40! Good bargain I think!

Have you ever tried the pellet wax?

wow....that is a good price for the thermostatic one :)

i got mine for half price when salon services had a deal on i paid £30 instead of £60....i didnt even have to pay vat as i got it on a vat free day :) :) :)

i have not used wax pellets as still using the wax that came with it...will need some new stuff real soon though....i was gonna try the aloe vera wax next time.

i think i will just go and plug mine in as you have put me in the mood for some hand pampering now :D
Enjoy your pampering!! :D Can't wait to pick mine up now! Hopefull tomorrow! :D

Aloe vera wax sounds pretty good. Nice and therapeutic!

If there is anyone else who has tried the pellets I'd love to know! :D

Ta. Tamm ;)
:D Hello Ladies,
I do not have a remington wax spa but a cost effective one from woolworths, :oops: which I bought a couple of months ago. Mine has a melt and warm temperatures. :idea: Do you use a timer on yours? I do. I put it on for about 2hrs be4 work and its turns itself off in the evening. ( I use to forget to either turn it on or turn it off)
I haven't use pellets yet but am considering it as I running?melting low. May buy some at Excel on Sunday. :D
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