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Aug 13, 2009
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I was washing a clients hair and I looked out the window and saw a sign on the wall outside the salon. Im in a block of 2 shops, and there is about 10 parking spaces altogether outside the salon.

I went and looked and it said "parking only for XXX shop, waiting time 15 mins, fixed penalty of £200 if you stay over this time"

Now the girl who owns the other shop is the landlords girlfriend. Hes come in and spoke to me before about staff parking in the car park, as ittakes up spaces for clients so now the girls dont park there any more. But this has totally taken the biscuit.

Of the 5 spaces they havent claimed, one is always used by the guy who monitors the car wash outside the salon, and another by the shops van. So I get 3 spaces.

Im so upset about it and dont know what to do. When I opened up I didnt geta lease as my landlord said it would be better to justdo it month to month until I was up and running and he's been avoiding committing to a lease ever since. I'd rather just have a lease in writing.

I don't know what to do. If I call him and talk to him about it, where am I going to get with it?

Just feel...ugh. :'(
OMG. Can they do that?? I would phone the council and ask them. Unless they own the parking spaces!! Cant believe someone would do that tho.

I would make them give you something in writting. If your up and running and having no problems paying the rent I dont see why they wouldn't.

Good Luck. x x
Well she has obv done it cos her boyfriend (the landlord) has given her permission or told her to do it.

I just feel down about it and think whats the point of building a clientele if they have nowhere to park? I am on a busy main road and have already had one client who parked on the road and her car was damaged.
If the spaces belong to the landlord then he can do what he wants with them. If it's the council then you need to complain to them. I'm pretty sure that you can only enforce your own restrictions on private property.

You need a lease. He could chuck you out at any moment without one. If you had one, it would clearly define who the spaces belong to. And would need to be sorted out by a solicitor if you were doing this properly. This should have been sorted out before you entered the premises because he can just turn around and change the terms as and when he sees fit.
Yes you definately need to establish who actually owns the land the spaces are on.

My spa is in a new plaza and has plenty of space but there is a claus in the lease that says the spaces are for customers first, but it hasn't been a problem yet, but the landlord and leasing agent are excellent so would hope something could be done as we are also just off a major road.

As for you operating without a lease, hone that is a downhill spiral as you don't know where you stand with anything and it is all in the landlords favour.

Could be difficult but you should approach him about it, but again maybe get some advice to see where you stand.

Good luck.
tread very carefully here, as the government has changed rules that will be enfored in jan 2011 on private owned land. So no fixed penalty by clampers can be enforced!

When i brought my salon my nobhead neighbour kept trying to suggest he could clamp my car, but i went straight to my solicitors found who owned what and basically got my solictior to write a note to suggest otherwise. (it was mine!) If its free parking its free parking.

Please draft up a lease agreement otherwise these little problems will bug you as in the eyes of the law you have a verbal agreement but not a solid "this is what i get" etc! Hope you can sort it out, sooner rather than later! xoxo
I think I will call him and ask for him to come and meet me at work.

I'm not very good at speaking up for myself and feel like I have only made things worse for myself.

And he knows what a massive thing it would be for me to up and move.

:'( I just feel like crying cos I took this place on because the parking was good!!
You'll be fine. Just ask him.....

WHO owns the parking spaces? If the answer is him, then ask....

HOW MANY and WHICH SPACES are included with the rental of your premises.

If he doesn't own them, say you'll have to talk to the council as a matter of urgency about what he's doing.

Then say you need a lease drawn up ASAP that details all of the above and terms of your rental. For your protection AND HIS. (Then he might realise that you can screw him over and walk out at any time or not pay the said amount of rent)

This needs to have everything in it: terms & duration of lease, get out clauses, what's included, who pays the insurance (should be him for buildings), upkeep of the property, rental price, car parking spaces etc etc. To be honest, he doesn't sound like a very good businessman if he didn't get a lease drawn up in the first place. He might not actually know what a lease is!
the spaces are 100% definitely his.

I just need to be brave... :eek:
If they belong to him and not on public road then you need to clarify if you can use them or not. If not, then you need to advise your clients where to park to ensure they don't pee off your landlord (or girlfriend).
the spaces are 100% definitely his.

I just need to be brave... :eek:

Why not have a friend or family member there with you, maybe male but not necessarily part of the conversation but just around in the background. You could always introduce them when the landlord comes in, so he knows you have a bit of moral support and would have a "witness" to anything said.

It's difficult as he is the landlord but you have obviously spent time and money getting the salon the way you want it, so just stick with it and keep calm and composed when you speak to him, DO NOT let him see you are nervous.

OK... my advice for what it's worth...

You HAVE TO stand up for yourself, and in a calm and reasonable and non girly manner.

I hate confrontation and if I were you, I would not be relishing the meeting and tbh I would be a complete chicken and send 6'2" of boyfriend (prone to significant 'highland sense of humour failure') in. BUT without that available, you have to do it yourself. And it will feel good!

You are expecting him to be unreasonable, he may not be.

He may be avoiding a proper lease because he's just not good at admin / paperwork / doesn't want to pay a solicitor, not because he wants to stitch you up.

You say it would be a massive thing for you to move. It may also be a massive thing for him to go without rent and have to find a new tenant.

Now... you could ask if you can have a similar sign up on the other 5 spaces? Or even on 3? I know this is worst case scenario and it is highly unlikely to happen, but what if he lets her put her sign on all 10 spaces? I don't think that's going to happen but you MUST establish your rights.
hi kimi, why is parking such a pain in the arse????!!!! you need to sort this, so speak to him and tell him the parking played a big part in u taking the premises and as a tenant u are entitled to a lease including which spaces are yours (as u obviously pay for them within your rent!?). then put up your own signs thats what ive had to do to ensure no confusion as to who is allowed to park there! Deep breath and get it sorted hun!:hug:

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