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Feb 14, 2004
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Hi geeks!

For all the part time techs out there....what hours do you work?

I'm getting in a flap!!!!
I have a 20 month old daughter and I have just found out i am pregnant...i'm only a few weeks but already worrying about how i'm going to be able to work with 2 little ones! my hubby is a policeman so works very odd hours.

I'm thinking the only way of doing it is asking my mum to have the children a couple of days a week....she is recovering from a stroke so i can't ask too much of her.

How do you guys manage to juggle work and family life???

xx :hug: xx
firstly - congratulations!! in got 2jobs but no children!! im a supervisor in claires accessories part time then do my nails and beauty the rest of the time. i usually work saturday and sunday in claires plus maybe 2days during the week. any day im not at claires im doing clients and usually at least 4nights per week doing clients as well - so really tiring but i do enjoy it!!

hope this helps x x
congrats on the pregnancy flower...

could you not get a regular babysitter for set days during the week (to do your clients) - then you wouldnt have to ask your mum to look after the little uns for you, i think i would feel as uncomfortable as you, asking mum, if she had a stroke sweetpea......just a thought. maybe you could come to an arrangement with a sitter so that it wouldnt cost you the earth. im quite lucky as i now have 2 grandchildren to care for, but i have good friends that will help me out if need be, but its not that often, but if you would feel uncomfortable relying on friends all the time, i reckon a regular sitter would be the way to go

Don't get stressed about it now, you won't do yourself or the baby any good! My hubby's a policeman (seems to be a common trend, nail tech with policeman hubby!) and I have 2 children under 5 and no family in the area to help me.

It IS hard to juggle esp with his hours as they're prone to having to stay on at work when least expected and then if you have app's booked it becomes very difficult. I would look at trying to find someone who can look after then maybe a couple of afternoons so you can work and then. Also try and work a block of clients when its his days off.

I found it quite hard after I had my youngest to juggle things but I now work around 30 hrs a week just working around him! It does get easier as time goes by though. My eldest goes to school in Sept and my youngest will go to nursery for 5 mornings a year in sept. There is light at the end of the tunnel - you're doing a great job, keep up the good work xx
"Juggle" is exactly what I do LOL

I schedule most appointments when hubby is available to keep my children out of my hair.
I started with doing only Monday through Sunday, 6:30pm to 11pm. Cost me nothing in babysitting.

Now, I do:
Mon through Wed: 6pm to 10pm
Thursday & Friday: noon to 4 & 6pm to 10pm
Saturday: start at 9am.... and go from there, sometimes still do Sat nights (Nana's babysit on Sat's during the day while hubby is at work)

Some clients don't mind the girls, especially now that they are older (3.5yrs & 5.5yrs) and can sit and watch a movie without interupting too much. Those clients will often take thurs or Fri afternoon. And single-nail repairs I stick in wherever I can squeeze them.

In the fall my eldest will start kindergarten and will be gone all day. And I'm on a waiting list for a govt' subsidized (7$ per day) preschool/daycare for a part-time position of 2-3 days a week for the younger one. During which time I'll move as many clients as I can to those days, and try to free up more of my evenings.
I'm trying to make a 4 day work week and say have Sun, Mon & Tuesdays' off.

We shall see what happens. PLUS working to get myself a car..... so then I can take MORE courses :) and offer MORE mobile services.

It's very hard some days.. I go all day long with the kids/preschool/t-ball/house cleaning etc... then go all night till near 11pm. WHICH OF COURSE I can't fall asleep right after, so I sit on the pc for a few hours to decompress..... I'm often very tired.
But, I love the flexibility and that I can be with my girls during their formative years which is very important to me. Were I working for a salon, it would have to be a lot different and I'd miss out on a lot.
thanks so much for your input ladies....evie will just be starting nursery when the new baby comes along. with her being out for a few hours i should still be able to work!!

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