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Jan 4, 2007
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Hi everyone i know its abit early but i have booked a table of 10 at the awards night here's the link if you would like to look


i have booked a premium table and before i fill them all with family i wondered if there are any geeks that would like to take a place at the table it will be just under £153 and it will include your 3 course meal lots of wine on the table champagne reception etc etc and it is on monday the 3rd of march.

if you are interested let me know, should be a fab night xxxx:hug:xxxx
ohhh how lovely, sounds great
good luck mate xxx
thanks hun xx
a quick bump before i go off to bed xx
bump bump again xx:lol:
I would love to be there with you hun - I told you about my dream :lol:

But, I won't be able to get the money together :cry:.... I'll have to be there with / for you in thought!

Money :irked: ruins everything!!
Kirsty -I would love to attend but I think I need to save that money for the show cause I will no doubt overspend there.

good luck with your shortlists though - I am sure you will win.

Good Luck x x x

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