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Oct 16, 2003
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Sidcup, Kent
Just to let you know some new information about the Professional Beauty Nail Competion at Excel.



EXCEL LONDON MARCH 2nd and 3rd 2008


The latest craze in nail services now extends to competition level! Anything that can be encapsulated into any nail extension system is ideal such as feathers, lace, rhinestones and dried flowers.

Treat your models feet to a pampering pedicure. Your skills will be tested on a relaxing foot massage and perfect polish application.

After much demand form nail competitors, the Salon Nail category is a must for all nail technicians who wish to take their everyday nail skills to competition level.

The Manicure category makes a very welcome return to Professional Beauty Nail competitions. Manicure is the foundation of nail skills and is an ideal category for those who have never entered a competition before. Perfect polish application and a relaxing massage are required!

Enter any 6 categories and you get your 6th category entry fee FREE! Members of the Association of Nail Technicians get £5 of their total entry fee. The deadline for entering is the 15th of Feb. Competitors are allocated their numbers of receipt of entry forms, so the quicker you get your form in, the earlier your model/s get judged!

The theme for the Photographic, Showcase Nail Art and Combined Nail Art is THE OSCARS! Choose from The Best Picture Award from 2001-2007 including Chicago, Gladiator and Lord of the Rings!

All rules and regs and the entry form will be on the PB website in early Jan'08 (if not before).

Any questions, please call the PB comp hotline on 0208 302 2020!
Thanks rachel,I'd better get thinking :eek: !! xxxx
Wow! WOW!

Manicure & Pedicure competion!
I will be in nail heaven!:)
roll on march i'm ssssssssooooooooo excited just wish i had an extra pair of hands so i could enter them all lol x
Thankyou Rachel for taking the time out to give us so much information as early as possible your a big star :hug:

OoooH The Oscars how exciting x x x
Rachel chicha, what is showcase nailart & combined nail art?

:) xxxxx
showcase nails is the ten nails in a box and the other is fantasy i think?
Yep, thats right!

Showcase nail art is 10 pre-designed nails in a box, that is handed in on the day. It can be freehand, fantasy, airbrush, 3D etc.

Combined nail art is the old freehand and fantasy nail art categories combined together. New rules with this one for Excel - costume is optional now.

The layout is also changing -

SUNDAY - 10.15 -
The Championships, UV Gel, Wraps, Sculpture, Showcase and Encapsulation.

SUNDAY - 1.00 -
Salon Nails.

MONDAY - 10.15 -
L & P, Novice, Photographic, Combined nail art and Manicure.

MONDAY - 1.00 -
Pedicure and Fancy French.

Fancy French and Combined nail art are as Manchester - competitors must have previously completed their models left hand, so you only have 90 mins to do the models right hand on the day.

The rules are still being designed for the new categories so i will post as soon as i know more!
oh no so i can't do encapsulated and the championship, they are at the same time??????:cry:

i told you i needed another pair of hands!!!
That is a shame as I would've probably entered encapsulation too but won't be able to as will be in championships! :-( Never mind, will have to do salon nails to keep me busy in the aft!

Would really like to do Fancy French again now I know more what they're looking for after a disasterous attempt at Gmex but don't know if I can do the Monday and/or get a model for then too!
Me again!
Rachel, am I right in thinking from what you've put that the Championship will just be L&P or will it be as it was at gmex? (as gel and wraps on at same time?) and as sculpture is on then too can you sculpt or only tip in the Championship?
Sorry, loads of q's and I know its a bit early to have all the info, but you know what us lot are like! When you give us a snippet we're like a pack of wolves trying to devour it all! xx
Tell me about it! You lot are comp nutters and i wouldn't have it any other way! You know i will help in any way i can.

The Championships are as they were at Gmex, only really for the winners of previous nail ext categories. Even if you have won a tips cat before, you can still enter encapsulation as it is only the 3 tips and overlays you cant enter again.

Also if you win the championships at Excel, you are not allowed to compete in nail ext for the following comp year, but you may be asked to be a judge. This is to give room for new winners and we need experienced winners on the judging panel.

We went up down and round the timings, and as who is likely to enter what, but to fit all the new ones in, it means some crash as the afternoon cats can only be short ones due to the timing of the judging, adding up, awards etc.

So for those who have placed first in any tip and overlay before, you can enter the chapmionships, sculpture or encapsulation on the Sunday morning as well as handing in a showcase.

We tried to work it that anybody into ext, art or natural nails had different cats to enter on each day to attarct more competitors to try different things!

Now im confused as it is 10pm on Sunday and i have no brain power left!

I am going up to Emap on Tuesday so more will be sorted then, watch this space.................................................

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