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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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This week has seen a lot of hum and buzz in the industry because, lo and behold, a couple of male athletes have fessed up to indulging in the odd pedicure. Except they haven't, not really.

While, it's true that they are having pedicures, it's not true that they're entirely comfortable about it. Referring to them either as 'sports pedicures' or 'feet treatments' not one male athlete has admitted to having a good ol' fashioned pedi as we love and know them.

Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat shooting guard and quarterback Tim Tebow have all been spotted having a pedicure but both have said that they are 'necessary' and 'medical'. Even the team podiatrist for the Washington Wizards says that, "It's as much medical as it is cosmetic", and in the same breath, "They're not the least bit embarrassed." Erm, surely the team podiatrist is the one responsible for looking after the medical health of feet? If they've got a team podiatrist then surely their pedis are about luxury and beauty? And, if they're not 'the least bit embarrassed', then why not just come out and say it?

New England Revolution and US World Cup 2010 team soccer player, Benny Feilhaber recognises the limitations of regular pedicures. They are, after all, not medical procedures designed to enhance athletes performances. "A pedicure feels really nice but it doesn't help much with nasty soccer feet," says Feilhaber, "I could definitely see myself getting [a pedicure] in the future, but more for relaxation as opposed to make my feet look pretty." Perish the thought!

I say three cheers for the male athletes that are looking after their feet in every way possible but don't be so damn coy about it. More men should pay more attention to the state of their trotters and, if these athletes weren't so reluctant to call a pedicure a pedicure, then maybe more men would?

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.



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Dec 8, 2005
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I heard on the radio about Tebow's treatment the other morning when driving to work and apparently he paid $23 for a pedi/mani and I was just shouting at the radio at that stage, oh great everyone will be coming in and saying well he only paid $23 I want one of those!!

I did have a pro basketball player in and the tech was almost crestfallen at the size of his feet:lol::lol::lol:

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