people want to pay for me to practice on them!


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Aug 30, 2007
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doncaster s yorks
ive been practicing my nail art on my sister and best friend but ppl are noticing them and asking if i can do theirs! im willing enough to practise on them but they are asking me what i would charge for it? everyone seems to think im stupid for saying ill do it for free just wondered wot every1 else thought? im nowhere near qualifying so i dont feel like i could charge for it
Charge a "training fee" deffinately,£10.00 is what peeps usually charge,just make sure they know the prices will increase :!:
Don't forget, if you will need insurance! Although a basic policy should be Ok. Good luck!
Hun, if people want to give you money then let them!:green: You need to cover your costs, at least.
Don't forget, if you will need insurance! Although a basic policy should be Ok. Good luck!

:o Exellent point :!:
Even if you charged for your product it lets you replenish it and keep on practising.

Remember someone has to buy it and you dont want to be out of pocket for it.:irked:

I charged £10.00 and explained it was because I was practising its the going rate in glasgow even Creative at queenslie charges that..

But think if you werent good they wouldnt ask you. So good on you give it a go and see how you do.:)

kind regards Catherine
Hi Hun

If they are throwing money at you you take it girl. Even when training I took money just to cover materials.
You're clearly extremely talented for people to notice the nails you have produced and express an interest. This is the most invaluable kind of advertising. Don't put yourself down by thinking that you're not entitled to charge for your work- charge the going rate (maybe deduct an "introductory offer" discount) but above all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!!!

Well done hun xxxxxx
I'm in two minds here. Personally I didn't charge anyone who I practiced on, I considered they were good to give up quite a bit of their valuable time to sit in front of me and let me apply reasonable but not fab nails. I just built the cost into the overall setting up costs.

The insurance point is a good one, actually I never even thought of that at the time! (Obv. I thought about it when peeps were paying me lol)

But I guess, actually, even if you just asked for a minimal sum, it would add up, wouldn't it :hug:
to be honest I would definitely charge something for this reason:
I am starting my owm mobile business very soon. when I was training I refused to accept money even when it was offered, as I was only a trainee, didnt feel I could justify charging, and because I explained to the "client" that I would do free nails in exchange for their honest opinion. that worked fine whilst training, but now I'm going professional, you wouldnt believe the trouble I'm having trying to get it through to some people that they have to pay now, and that payment cannot be in the form of the odd bottle of wine!! I've been very direct and to the point, but people can be very cheeky, and will still assume that you'll do it free just for them even when you've told them you wont! Fair enough I have one friend who still gets freebies in exchange for her being my guinea pig to try new stuff on, but you cant give freebies to everyone or whats the point in going into business??

Charge something, you'll b glad you did when it comes to being in business.

Good luck!
thanks every1 thats really good advice! i should start charging then to be honest im goin through loads o polishes an stuff so i guess ill let them replace it lol x
You are silly for saying you'd do it for free! lol

I think £10.00 is a fair fee for a trainee Nail Tech, make sure you cover the cost of your products, they are not only doing you a favour but your doing them a favour too, where are they going to get their nails done for a Tenner??

Make sure you charge babe *kisses*
well ive quoted a few ppl £10 and the few ive spoken to seem to think this is reasonable! so might just start making some cash to put back in to my training!!!!!!

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