Picture of TS20 dial?


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Aug 3, 2010
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South Yorkshire
Hello, I have my TS20 spray gun and I think I have it set up right but I don't understand why I can't get round my client twice without using more than 50ml sometimes I can only just get once with it, my distance is correct an there has never been any dripping on the clients :(
Obviously I still need to do ALOT of practise but I just wondered if anyone could send me a picture of what dial they have there gun set at so I can see if mines correct.
Also is there anyway of turning down the air that comes out the gun when you turn the machine on I can't help but think sometimes is that's strong that it's Blowing the spray away before it even hits my client.

Any help would be appreciated x x x
firstly were is your dial set too at the moment? If your wanting to spray your client twice you need your dial turned right down.

I have the ts20, mines set a teeny tiny turn before were the 9 would be on a clock, so have your dial fully closed so it wont turn no more & then turn it back (anti clockwise) to were the 9 o'clock position would be.

I spray once all over then a 'quick' touch up (usually the touch up is on face & legs the parts that I find fade quicker) this is fine for me.

I use nouvatan. Can't take a photo of my dial as i am currently at work & not with my machine or I would of gladly, but hopefully the info above will help. x
Thankyou both for your help I did as you said and turned it till it was closed then moved it back I had the dial too loose.

I also put some varnish on it to to know where to put it :)
I'll give it ago soon n see the difference x

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