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Jan 13, 2003
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Akron, Ohio
What is the best way to practice your p/w's. I have one client that I do p/w on but I would like to practice them every day. Any ideas, using tips? I know this may seem silly but I just don't want to be wasting time. Thanks in advance.
Holly ;)
Hi ya

If you have a nail trainer it is good to practice on that as you can do as many tips as you want cos you just replace them.

Cazza :D :D
using up old tips you don't like anymore OR when doing a full set save the tips you clip off (once you've applied tips and clipped them down to the correct length, save those bits) and using a biro draw smiles on them - follow the biro line with your white - that can really help you too and you're not wasting good tips!! :shock:
Right girls this is what I did, before ANDY (the hand) came into my life....
I used my old tips, the ones I have had since the year dot..........I think moses' wife used them last ...........

Stuck them on old used orange waste here girls lol.....
drew a smile line on the back with a cd-rom marker......... and then applied the smile line to the front of the tip...............

love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
Laminate a piece of paper that you have drawn or printed nail shapes onto. When the ac is dry it pops right off and you can use your page over and over again!
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