Pink's Nails for MTV and a big thank you to Debs!


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Mar 30, 2003
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Hi - I'd just like everyone to know that it's only through Debs help that I have a picture to share with you all. I was completely baffled as to how to get this picture attached but Debs kindly persevered for me. I'm going to get the hang of this site, and all it's technicalities if it's the last thing I do! I did Pink's Nails last week here in Edinburgh for the MTV Awards, and thought it would be a good story to share with you all. She was absolutely lovely and a really good laugh. I did a full set of enhancements and pedicure to match in the Penthouse Suite of The Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh. According to TV there were 1 billion viewers so I think a few people might have seen my nails in action. Anyway, thanks again to Debs, and everyone else who has welcomed me to the site so far - I look forward to many more encounters with you all during the long winter nights. From Bonnie Scotland, with love Claire x
Hi Claire,
Great to see you here, looks like we have another talented brain to pick, :D
I for one am well impressed that you did Pinks nails, 8) it looks a great picture.... now all you have to do is work how to enlarge it so that we can feast our eyes on Pinks nails ;)
Well Love nice one !!!!!
The piccie of you two is brill!!!!!!!!!
I agree with Glo, nice to have another brain to pick.......... Faberoonie!!!!!
love Ruth xxxx
I tried and tried and failed bismally to get the pic on here for all to see in its glory so we had to settle for it quite small.
When I remember how to place pics on the board I`ll put a few on here
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