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Apr 26, 2003
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hi ya..........i am just wondering if creative only do the pinky bottles of solar oil and hologram top coats.........? or do they do pinky's in the other things too?

also what about try me solar products, in the little pinky jars? im sure i seen these when i was last at the much r they?

i think id like to try with samples of products before i invest a fortune in the big retail i dont know if they will sell........ive no doubt the solar oil will and the scentsations and files etc, but the creams r rather expensive and if the client has just spent £30 on a set of nails......what do u think????

Vicky :?:
Hi ya Vicky,

I love all those little pinky bottles too! I'm planning to stock up with them once I've completed my Creative Foundation.

But saying that, once I've paid for a full set to be done that's when I would be tempted to buy some nice expensive handcream, etc. to keep them looking nice!

Good luck with everything. It all sounds very exciting!

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