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Dec 11, 2007
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I'm in the middle of doing a fact sheet for college and there's one question I'm stuck on, could anyone help please?

The question is: identify the position and action of the muscles of the shoulder, upper arm, forearm and hand.
If anyone could give me any ideas I would be grateful, can't find anything on Google.

It sounds to me like you have list all the muscles in that area, describe where they are positioned (or draw a diagram) & then list the action the muscles do. i.e. abducts the arm, draws the arm backwards & forwards.

To list the muscles look in your class info. you should have from college or search for 'muscles of the arm' etc.

The search for the muscles seperately and what the action is they do.
yes totally agree with rachel, find the muscles then it will say what action they do {abduct etc etc } evry muscle in that area will have a movement xx
lesa, all the information is in the lorraine nordmann book (the yellow one) which we got with our kits. i have just put it all in a chart as i found it easier to read that way. hope this helps, if not send me a message n i'll get back to u:lol:

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