Please can anyone help with my new name change?


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Jan 11, 2010
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Hi this sort of question has probably been asked a million times, I need help with a new business name.

Iv always been creative nails and beauty, I work from home and mobile, iv been doing nails for 12 years and last year lashes and this year spray tans, I offer all types of nail service mani, pedi, shellac, minx, ezflow enhancements oh and also glitzy lips.

I have never really had to do any advertising so it doesn't really matter if I change my name, but I wanted some new business cards, and maybe think about a web page, anyway sorry to waffle on these are some of my ideas

I want a name that links everything that I do, I don't do waxing and massage and things like that, I just make people pretty lol so was trying to think of a name that doesn't sound to beauty salon, just needs to be simple

All glammed up
Beauty within
Beauty me
Glamour me
Wham bam make me glam
Enhanced beauty
Finishing touches
My beauty
Must have beauty

I would love to have anyone's oppinion, good or bad, and any other different ideas iv been thinking about this for so long and just can't make my mind up.

Sorry for going on lol

I personally like:

Beauty Me (then you could go abit further and have beauty me...tan, beauty me.. nails etc if you wanted)
All Glammed Up

Good luck! x
I personally like

Glamour Me

Sounds more grown up and professional!
They are actually my favourites, but iv asked a couple of people (husband/sister in law) and at a family get together and they didn't get those two, think the family were just agreeing with them but I thought it is exactly to the point and kind of different, I wanted to get others opinions on it so I'm glad you have both picked those, maybe it's because they don't really 'do' beauty.

I'm better off getting advice on here :)

Thankyou so much, I now need to decide which I like best lol

Beauty Me


Glamour Me

Thankyou x
I saw one on the web a while ago now and thought it was really catchy, Get Lashed and Fake it!!

It's a nickname for my best friend now, with her Lash extensiosm, Spray Tanning addiction she wears hair extensions and has startedget her nails done!!

I do hair so not a appropriate name for me, but with the likes of TOWIE about and younger generations been verty into this kindof style thought it could be a good name!!
Glamour Me out of your final choices. xx
thankyou everyone for your help, i have made up my mind and waiting to hear bck from the logo people with my new logo, yay

i went for glamour me ;)

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