Please help newly qualified damsel in distress with grey coverage


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Hi I’ve been asked to do an elderly ladies hair, she has a large area of grey rootage going on bless her. I’d say 80%

Please would you throw some ideas at me on how i would overcome the grey to make a lovely blonde colour?

I was thinking of Base 9 with 30vol and then base 9 with 20 on ends



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Depending on if she is all grey or whether there is some white in her hair as well, and if there are any undertones in the grey. Do you know what colour she was when she was younger? As I do a lot of mature ladies’ hair a lovely blonde colour, I have used quite a bit, especially on salt and pepper hair is;

1/2 of L'oreal 10 and 1/3 of L'oreal 9,3 (very light deep natural blonde) mixed with 6% or 20 vol. Comes up lovely colour see picture below of finished result.



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Always use 20 vol on the roots for grey coverage. What colour line do you use

I use goldwell x