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Apr 8, 2012
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Hi guys..Im new to salon geek, Ive joined because I want someone who knows about nails to be brutally honest about mine....Ive been doing nails about 6 mths now....i would LOVE to enter competitions in the future, obviously Im not good enough yet but hoping to get there if I know where to improve.....thankyou xx::biggrin:
HI, and well done you for posting your work to be critiqued!
Only think is I can't really see anything from this pic.

Is this a coloured gel or acrylic you have done?
Is this a set of natural tips with a gel or acrylic overlay, then painted?

The picture itself is quite blurry and from the angle I can't see if there is an apex on the nails, all I can see is that they are long, square and red lol!

If you could give us some more info and pics from different angles, like side on so that we can see the apex ,and down the barrel to see the C curve that would be helpful.
Also if they are painted then we can't really see the nails underneath to see if the cuticle area is nice and flush to the nail and the sidewalls are also flush.
thanks very much, I will take some more pics today and post them later on...I eould really appreciate it if you would take another look later on, they are red acrylic over natural tips xx
Ditto what izzy said really. For accurate critique we need much closer pics with a side view for the apex a 'down the barrel' view for the c curve and a top view in close up so that shape length and cuticle area can be judged well.

Btw, i like the colour !

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