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Julie bb

Aug 14, 2007
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I would like to buy salon strength aha\bha cleansers but am stuggling to find a trustworthy product line. The only one I'm aware of is the Dermalogica one but I'd like a bit of choice. Can anyone recommend products that they use and are effective.. thanks julie bb
Matis have Gentle Foaming AHA Gel which is a deep cleansing gel, it is professional use only. I wouldn't recommend using it every day though.

I think a salon strength formula in a cleanser would be too much and too stimulating to use daily on the skin.

It depends on the percentages,and the PH.

I know Academie Scientifique De Beaute has a salon treatment using AHA acids(lactic,glycolic,and fruit).You would need a course of 4 treatments,one a week for 4 weeks.You would start on 10% for the first 2 and then 15% for the last 2,so the skin can get used to it.You would also use an adaptation gel of AHA which is 8% at home nightly,as part of a home care system.

Remember though to use an SPF aswell,as by gently peeling the skin the epidermis will become sensitive to the sun,so 25 or 30 would be best.

The only other 2 brands im aware of that does AHA are Nimue or MD Formulations.

Can i ask why you specifically asked for a cleanser,as lotions,serums,and creams,from Academie,Nimue or MD Formulations all contain 3 types of AHA,which slough off the top layer from the epidermis:)

I hope this has helped and you see a therapist regarding this:green:
Germaine de Capuccini also do a range of AHA skin products called Sequence, which does include a cleanser.

As has been said - what is the problem you are dealing with?
Jan Marini do glycolic cleansers :hug:
Skinceuticals have a range of cleansers, and their Gentle Cleanser has AHA's in it to help gently exfoliate. They also have an overnight moisturiser which also includes AHA's for individuals who need it.

I would also recommend seeing a beauty therapist to make an appropriate recommendation. It is very easy to make generalised comments when someone asks such a direct question, but perhaps a glycolic or salisylic peel may help you more. Are you visiting a therapist or perhaps a dermatologist at the moment?
Thank you for your help. I would like to use it on some clients that have mild acne, to help reduce the skin debris that has built up and I thought of using a cleanser so that it would clear the skin to prep. it for the rest of the facial and increase the benefits of the other products used.
Hi Julie,

What are the other products you're using? Does your product range not offer a AHA/BHA cleanser or alternative.

If it's mild acne, i would use a cleanser for greasy skin which should prep the skin sufficiently, and then use an AHA exfoliant?? this may be easier to find.

good points.... I agree it may work better in the exfoliant instead of the cleasner if its just mild. a cleasner for oily skin might be better. You could risk over sensatizing (sp wrong sorry) the skin and cause more harm and dont forget the spf
Hi Julie,

Ive just read your profile and i see you use Solutions by Hive. Having a look at their range, I couldn't find any elements with AHA's, so you may need to look outside your normal product range. I agree with Becca regarding the over-sensitisation of the skin... i would recommend a cleanser for oily skin, mild exfoliator with aha's, a mask used twice weekly incorporating kaolin, and a moisturiser with a low oil content.

thank you very much for your advise and the exfoliator is a good idea.

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