polish on my uniform


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Nov 19, 2007
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Galway, Ireland
hi girls!
any suggestions on how to remove nail polish from a uniform? somebody suggested spraying lots of hairspray on it,then wash it and it should come out, the only thing is,it's cerise pink and i dont want the colour to fade,would it happen do you think??
has anyone had this problem before or am i just clumsy?? :rolleyes:
It's not just you - It's happended to me to (more than once & usually when applying the darkest red!).

Not sure if this works on uniforms but a brilliant trick you could try that I use for polish on carpets is to use window cleaning spray. (try a clear brand - Windex I think or something like).

Don't put anything on the poilish stain. Then when you can (asap is best) spray the window spray all over and blot up. You need to keep at it and work away gently.May need to check it won't fade carpet etc but I think anything worth a go when you've got a big nail polish spill anyway.

Could give it a go if nothing else works.
Good luck! x
Hi There,

I got a deep purple nail polish on my white uniform, i took it to my mum's and she had some stain remover especially for nail polish, she had to dab it a few times then wash them but it has faded quite a lot, my mum is at work at the mo so can't find out the make of the stain remover but once i speak to her I'll drop you a line. Can't give you an answer to the hairspray technique never heard of it before:!::!: xxx
I would use abit of acetone on a cotton bud, and then straight under the tap to rinse it out.
somebody suggested spraying lots of hairspray on it,then wash it and it should come out

I know this is a hairdressing remedy when you get tint on clothing, but I'm not sure if it works with polish .... hope whatever you try does the trick though.
thanks a million,will give them a go! i tried the hairspray trick and it doesn't work for polish! but good to know it works on tint and it didn't fade my uniform!!

i'll give them all a go and let yis know!!

thanks again

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