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Mar 4, 2007
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Hi Merry Xmas to everyone,

I have a customer looking to have her Acrylics painted over with some nail art for xmas party. Ive not painted many Acrylics and wondered if anyones got any tips i.e whats the best base coat to use? She wants black so am worried about staining. Also when Ive removed polish from my own enhancements i used acetone free polish but it leaves a rough sticky finish. Do you just have to buff them up afterwards? i.e when she wants polish removed again and back to just pink and whites?
Varnishing enhancements is the same procedure as varnishing natural nails. However the varnish will last longer.

Basecoat with your usual non treatment basecoat, Stickey for example.

Will she return to you for removal of the varnish? If not then she can just put a coat of topcoat to return the shine or buff if she has a buffer.

If you have buffed the enhancements to a high shine before applying the varnish then there should be no staining.
yeh i do the same except OPI do an acrylic nail base coat that i use on enhancements.

also don't have a problem with shine when i remove it if i use OPI non-acetone remover but when i've used remover they have at the salon (also acetone free) it does dull the nails a bit for some reason xxx
ok thanks I might pop into sally see if i can pick up some opi polish remover the one i have makes them really dull and rough.
Why does the polish over acrylic last and the polish over the gel fades away at the free edge?

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