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May 25, 2003
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hi everyone
i have obviously been spoilt by the company i normally order from .....

after seeing various nail art items advertised in one of the nail mags i ordered 9 items from a company i have never used before ...they told me that one item may not be in stock but that they would send it on .....well today i received the parcel with only three items enclosed ...six of the items are on back order ...i am one item short ie:it is not marked as back order but as delivered ...though i haven't had it :eek: and this was the item they originally told me may not be in stock:( ...one of the items a base coat is marked as on back order...though they have sent it:rolleyes: ...and a top coat is marked as delivered ...but it hasn't been :(
it gets worse ...two of the items delivered are the same ...crushed shells ...though in different colours ...though one container is half full of product and the other is not even 1/8th full:mad:

they charged me £7.50 delivery and put the three tiny items in a box that was 100 times too big ..it took me ages to find the items within the packaging:evil: there was no letter to let me know when the rest of the items could be expected and i had to work out myself what b/o meant ..ok perhaps that is an obvious one :o
they charged me for the items allthough i have no idea when they will be delivered ....

needed to vent my anger ...i will be on the phone first thing monday morning

a very frustrated
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