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Feb 7, 2012
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Hi geeks! I know ive asked a similar Q about this before but..... Now ive opened and had a few clients that required washing, i feel i deffo need a portable backwash cos my back is killing me! Anyway, i need to ask any of you geeks who use one- what chair do you use for the client? Im strugling to find one that will recline enough but also be able to fit in the bathroom :/ please someome help me! Thanks, Amy xx
Hi, I've been using a portable back wash for a couple of months now and I am very pleased with it. I use a camping chair that is like a directors chair, so I suppose one of them would be as good. I like it, it doesn't recline but because the back is cloth it gives enough to allow the client to fit snugly into the neck groove on the sink and as the sink is moveable a snug fit is not a problem. hth.
Ahh thank you! Ill get searching now :) xx
Hi geeks just popped over from nail/skin geek. My hairdressing friend is thinking of going mobile and I've told her about the portable back washes but she said she can't find them anywhere. Would you be able to tell me where you get them from so I can pass the info onto her?

Sorry to jump in on your thread op.
Rhiannon x
Does the hose attach to the taps? What if the client has seperate, ie not a mixer, taps?
I have one and it's a must. Much nicer for clients and much better for your back. I think the one in the link that you put up would be too shallow though, anyone with long hair would be a nightmare to wash it that one. This is the type i have
Hairdressers Blue Portable Tilting Backwash Stand | eBay
See if this link works. This is like mine.
Sunncamp Directors Chair With Side Table Folding Armchair - Black: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Leisure

Also I agree with kitty you need a deep basin. The water flows away much slower as the plug hole is only small and the basin fills up fairly quickly and depending how far you have the basin tilted forward the water is likely to splash over the client. We had one in a salon I worked in for clients who couldn't use the full reclining back washes and this was only shallow, nightmare. So I made sure I got a deeper one.
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Oh...no, wait do you use the shower head from the client's shower and the hose is to drain the water???
Thank you geeks! I'll pass that into my friend.
Rhiannon x
i think i still hve mine in cellr,you can have it hun for nowt PM ur number and will check if I have it;)

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