possible mma soak off


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I reackon they are mma, london prices are alot more expensive than that...

Also i had to soak some off the other day and they stunk...

With london rates there is no way any nail tech can charge £25 a set unless they were using cheap and nasty products (mma)

Cazza :D :D
hi cazza
thanks for your reply
how long did it take you to complete the soak off :?:

debbie :D


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May 25, 2003
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hi everyone
i need advice .
:idea: today i had a new client come in who has had l&p on for about 4 months .she had them done in london and has been returning every three weeks to get infills .she says she paid £25.00 for a full set in which she also got free airbrushed nail art and a hand and arm massage .is that cheap in london ? we charge between £30.00 and £45.00 here in swansea.
the nails are very thick and have cloudiness sort of yellowing patches (hope that describes it ok).
i filed one of them down today (she had taken a chip out of the side of her thumb nail) the smell is very acrid and almost fishy :shock: .they were very hard to file
she says that she had a soak off previously to this set and it didn't take long ...they used an electric file ...then soaked for a little while and then prised the overlay off :pale:
do you think this could be mma .?? :?: if it is what can i expect and how long should i set aside to do a safe removal .she wants a manicure afterwards.
maybe someone from the london area knows the salon and could tell me whether they think they may be using mma .the salon is on grant road at the rear of clapham junction .i have the name but didn't think it was the right thing to do to post it on here .anyone who may know the area please email me and i will give you the name of the salon.
all help greatfully received

It took about an hour and a bit in total my clients nails were mashed up...

They also had drilled nailed plates

By the sounds of it............ fishy smell, hard to file yes sounds like MMA.........

London prices depend on the area in London, inner City where I am it's about £50.00 for Acrylics and other systems..............

How about phoning the shop, pretend you have a MMA allergy and then ask them what they use..............but ask them first and then if they ask why you want to knwo, tell them it's my allergy to MMA..........

Chances being, if they go huh dont' know, it's mma................or they are very uneducated..............

So play detective and find out from the horses mouth so to speak

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
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