PR Wax - direct in to the heater or keep in tin?


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Aug 3, 2009
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With the Hive digital heaters do you tend to pour your wax in to the heaters own inner container or keep it in the tin (for warm wax).
Also, for your hot wax, do you put the beads directly in to the heater or buy a spare PR tin and put the beads in that?
In the past I've poured wax (or put beads) directly in to the heater but I may need to travel with the waxes so though putting/keeping them in a tin would be easier as I can put the tin lids on.
I guess it will affect the temperature setting of the heater as it would need to penetrate another layer of metal?
You can do either and adjust the temp to suit. I work from my home salon and have 3 hot wax heaters and 1 warm. I tip the beads straight in the bucket and used to put the tin of Mojito in the bucket but have now started heating a new tin when I finish at night and tipping it straight in the bucket I find its better because my lid fits whereas with the Mojito tin being a bit taller than the heater my lid didn't go on and it looked untidy! Hope this helps. I'm using Intimate 4 and just started using Homme again which I'm loving so will just use that when my intimate 4 stock runs out.

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