Pregnancy & Acrylics ???


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Jun 2, 2003
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Hi, just wondering if any of you out there can help me?? Like many of you out there i've become immune to the smell of monomer, a few customers have asked if it is bad for your health...i didn't think it was but i read on another web site that Nail Techs who work with monomer have a 1.9% higher chance of having a miscarriage!! Have any of you heard this, or any similar statistics before? It worries me a bit cause im hoping to have a baby this year.


There is no evidence that working with monomer increases the risk of miscarriage.
As always be vigilent about good ventillation. This is important and manufactureres advice is ignored more often than not.
Thousands of nail technicians work right up until the day of delivery with no mishaps.
The chemicals we work with are perfectly safe if you follow manufacturer's guidelines. :)
i am 5 months pregnant with twins and i play with l+p at home, i have not found anything unusual happing apart from i have gone through a stage of not liking the smell very much as for miscarriages as geeg has said there are not reports that it can harm you or the unborn baby unless you want to try drinking it then there maybe problems...... as always you should work smart with you products health and safety is a must at all times anyway ............

love faye xxxxx

Thanks for all the advice, i can stop stressing about it now!!

Lou. :lol:
congratulations nailsinlondon2!! Twins, how exciting!! :lol: :green:
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