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Feb 10, 2003
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this may sound like a question with an obvious answer, but i just would like to confirm. i am planning on having children in the near future and do quite a lot of nails in my full time post as a beauty tecnician. are there any risks to an unborn child through continual use of nail products.
Hi there,

I had this worry when pregnant with my baby son, different people will tell you differently. There is no evidence that it harms the baby as long as you are following the general precautions as you do everyday. I would not worry to much, it never harmed my baby.

Leighanne said:
different people will tell you differently

Well ... different people shouldn´t tell you differently! The facts are the facts.

There has never been a case of spontaneous abortion ar any other birth defects having arisen as a result of using nail enahncement products.

Of course you want to work safely and carefully as always, and in a well ventilated area or with extraction ventilation at source as is recommended by all manufacturers.

As far as your beauty products go, the same applies but check your knowledge of essential oils as there are some that are dangerous to use during pregnancy ... but I'm sure you know that already.
I remember when I asked Grafton International and at the time I was pregnant I was using Kizmit I was told that by their advisor on this subject she personally would not do nails while she was pregnant and at the time she was. I spoke to a number of other people who said they had never known a problem just to stick with your everday health and safety practises and I would be fine. I never had a problem at all and did not worry about it as hundreds of techs continue to work throughout their pregnancies and have healthy babies, like me!!!
Well Grafton's advisor should have checked on the facts instead of voicing her opinion with out any accurate knowledge ... if only more people would check out these things before scaring people or giving out wrong information.

Opinions are great as opinions but when the facts are there for all to know then opinions just confuse and can frighten.
Well love,
if you follow all health and safety guidelines, be careful with essential oils, maybe have some breaks in between clients, thats just so you can stretch your legs and get some fresh air, you will be fine..............

Can't guarantee that you wont get morning sickness or a dislike to certain odours that could trigger some sickness or headaches, who knows how those little hormones behave ones you are pregnant.................then again you might be one of those lucky ones , who just sails through the whole thing like a dream....................
Any way just my thoughts............

I would be more worried about midnight feeds, sleepless nights and teething problems after the event lol....................

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
spoken as a mother of 2 and grandmother to 1 lol
I have 2 boys (as most of you know) Haydn is almost 11 and Dexter is 3.5. I had my nails done continuously throughout both pregnancies and after - NEVER had a problem!! I have heard that on occasion, pregnant women can get far more oily nail plates and may have more problems with lifting but this honestly did not effect me!! Like Leighanne I had perfectly fine babes and BTW, both know what Solar Oil does and Haydn even recommended Gelbond to his friends mum to fix something she had at home!!! CLASSIC - teach them early that's what I say :oops: :rofl: :rofl:
thanks geeg and everyone else for your advice.
i feel much more at ease knowing there are no direct risks involved with our profession and pregnancy.
i presume there are still none even when a large number of techs say 10 are in a large room, as long as everyone uses there products safely and there is ventilation in the room.
also has anyone any tips for rinsing out the dappen dish after monomer? i tend to use a little hand wash and then rinse in water. but as i clean inside with my fingers i can feel monomer on my fingertips. is there a better way of doing this?
thanks steph
This is an easy one...........
Place a tissue in the dish with the monomer that you want to throw out....let the tissue absorb the monomer, dispose of the tissue and then you can wash out the dish..................
hope this helps
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
never put that monomer absorbed tissue down the loo or excess monomer down the sink!!! This maybe obvious but there are still those that may do this!! Do exactly what Ruth suggests. Once the tissue has absorbed excess liquid, throw that one in your metal bin, take another and give the inside of your dappen dish another wipe - no need to wash in soap and water at all - that should be enough!! You can of course rinse just to make sure no tissue 'bits' have stuck to the inside!! Hope this helps too! ;)
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