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lisa pink

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May 22, 2011
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Hi geeks I do shellac and gelish and am currently at college doing acrylics loving it , I have a lady in on Saturday that want her acrylics removed and gelish put on, not my acrylics I charge £15 for gelish at mo how much would you charge to do this any advice be brill :)
Personally I would charge at least £10 to remove acrylics - especially if they weren't applied by you. xx
Hi lisa pink

I would recommend charging £10 for this. It normally takes 20-30 minutes to properly soak off acrylic, you may also want to add a treatment afterwards.

Hope this helps

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Yes a minimum £10 for removal & what you charge for gelish on top 😊 xx
I would charge £10 for the removal for the first 30 minutes, and then an extra £3-5 pounds per 15 after that. I have been filing off acrylics from an NSS nearby and some of them have taken me 2 and a half hours!
Be prepared!
Oh god that don't sound good. I don't use an e file either so will be doing it by hand 😳

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