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Mar 19, 2010
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Hi - hope this is the right place for this question!

I'm doing my female intimate waxing training with Kim next month (yay!) and have been researching prices in my area. But there seems to be quite a bit of variation, although most charge more for Hollywoods than Brazilians.

I don't want to under-sell the service once I get going, but don't want to be too expensive either, so any feedback on what you guys charge - and whether you feel you're more top end or (excuse the pun!) bottom end - would be most welcome.

Thanks x
I think alot of places go in with the old strip wax not realising you should'nt really wax the intimate areas with it (I had a mm of skin missing from being stip waxed, my trainer noticed when I did my training!)
I charge £25 for hollywood & £20 for a brazillian, it takes longer the hot wax is more expensive so I charge for this hth xx
I have found that a lot of places call it a brazillian/hollywood but they sometimes only really do a high bikini so they can charge less than me.

I had a woman say that somewhere near me was doing a Brazillian for £12 and why was I so expensive. But they didnt wax the labia at all as that was "unhygienic"

I am in quite a poor area and people are used to cheap beauty treatments so I charge £20 for my brazillians as I am one of the most expensive in my area LOL.

I feel I should charge more but I would not get the clients.


I charge 38 for Hollywood and 35 for Brazilian. I get those prices too :green:

I do use strip wax for the bikini area then go on to use hot wax for the labia area.

Hope this helps :)

I have mine done in a salon as I have been having it done there for ages and trust the therapist and they charge £30 for a hollywood which I would say for a salon is about the going rate, mobile maybe a bit cheaper.

I think if you get a good client base having hollywoods/brazillians then they will keep coming back eventhough you may charge a little more.
I use only non strip wax for the whole bikini area, including labia, perineum and anus. I charge £35 for Hollywood or Brazilian (to be honest there's not much difference in wax useage between the two) and I reckon it's about the going rate around this area.
Check out your competition and price yourself somewhere in the middle.
Thank you all for your feedback! Missymish it's also nice to hear views from a client perspective.

I'm thinking of discounting for the first month or so to attract some interest, while being clear about what the price will go up to at the end of the offer period. Full price I'm thinking £20 for a Brazilian/£25 for a Hollywood as a minimum but maybe more. Not least because I need to do my sums as to how much the treatment will cost, but I guess all will become clear at my training!

Thanks again x
Thank you all for your feedback! Missymish it's also nice to hear views from a client perspective.

Your welcome, I think it all comes down to how you feel with a therapist especially that kind of treatment! If somebody did it well and I felt comfortable with them and charged me a tenner then happy days, but I always feel that you do get what you pay for!

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