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Oct 3, 2011
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Hi Chicks,

I have been put on the spot to create a price list asap as I have had an enquiry I wasn't ready for ! eekkk yes I know I should have been more prepared - no excuses ready.

its for a baby shower and I have no numbers yet they have just asked me how much a 'manicure' will be.

I was thinking as follows and would appreciate anyone's urgent response as I need to get back in touch with the client !

File and polish - £7.00

Mini manicure inc cuticles - £12.00

Full manicure inc cuticles and half arm and hand massage - £14.00

Luxury manicure inc cuticles half arm and hand massage and treatment with hot towels and hand cream. - £18.00

All with file and polish obviously using OPI or nails inc polishes.

Thanks for your help xx
Stick to the quicker treatments. If youve got 10 ladies you dont want to be spending more then 10-15 mins a person.
I agree with the above, but before you can give a price /s you need to know numbers.
Definitely stick to quick treatments, other wise you will be there for hours on end, unless there are only a few of them

File and polish - hands or feet
Mini Manicure - file, quick cuticle sort out and polish
Mini Pedicure - same as above

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