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Feb 2, 2011
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im booked on my course for spray tanning for november and trying to put my price list together so here goes

£20.00 on own
recommend a friend normally £40.00 if both clients have it done together same day £35.00

bridal pack 2 tans normally £40.00 if booked trial and wedding day together payed on trial £35.00 add the groom too £ 70.00

tan party
min 4 guests plus hostess £20.00 for gusts £15.00 for hostess not sure if to give deduction again to hostess or free tan depending how many turn up and how many max any ideas please what do you think
i charge full price for a trial , and i would never reduce my price for tanning just 2 people,maybe at your tanning parties offer the hostess a gift (a trial bag eg exfoliter,tan extender etc) but never reduce your price xx
I do tanning parties 4 paying guests, host receives a free tan... I give the host an option they can either split the total (£80) between 5 of them or s/he gets a free tan.

Personally I only discount tans if they are together, in one place as it saves me time & money. The bridal package gets a discount but costs you in fuel twice. If a bride wants a trial, she will have one regardless of the offer.

I find most ladies trial the tan for the hen do, & more than one of the bridal party has a tan so, offer a discount depending on how many tans you can do...Promote your tanning party & give the bride a free tan.

You could put bridal package available please call for details.

Up to you tho 😊 xx
I charger $40 per tan. New, repeat customers and new trails. Everyone pays the same.

Bridal parties or group parties- 5 or more people, I still charge $40/person and host always gets free tan

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