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Jun 28, 2013
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Hi geeks I started up on my own at the end of August and rent a room from a hairdresser in town. I used all my own personal/family savings and didn't get a loan etc. however I have recently found out that loans and grants are available from such as business gateway or the princes trust. Just wondered if anyone had used any and how you went about doing so? X x
I'd 100% recommend the Prince's Trust. I've just completed my second Access To Enterprise course (the one that allows you funding) I've done it twice now because you have to take it forward within a year of completing it so had to do it again :)

The support they offer is unreal!
That's great thanks! How did you go about contacting them and doing the courses? Sorry for all the questions! X
Im currently going through the Princes Trust!
So far they have been fabulous and full of information. Alot of things I dont think I'd considered before.
The best way to contact them is via their website, then find the section for your local area, you can apply for it on there and then they should get in touch with you to book an appointment.
Hope this helps xx
Thanks for the help!! I'll get onto there website just now xxxx
Hi sorry to jump on this. I've just seen your thread and was looking for something or some help to pay for some extra course to help me out. I'm a self employed hairdresser looking to start doing make up and hair extensions so that I can offer these too :) im also just starting up doing pamper parties and need a bit of help with advertising etc. hopefully I will hear back and be able to get some help :)

Do you think this will be possible?
Thankyou :) xx
Hi guys this may be of interest, I recently got a startup loan on a very low interest from a company called school for startups they have been great with a personal mentor and business boot camps etc
What are the requirements of applying for the Princes Trust?
I've just started (yesterday!) being self employed in a salon. The costs so far have been way more than I planned, and if I could get a grant/loan to help me through the next year that would be great.
I'd also appreciate advice on marketing and managing my accounts.
Do you think I should contact them?

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You have to be unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week, & under 31 (I think this still applies) There are a couple more but they are all on the website :) xx

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