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May 14, 2012
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Has anyone ever used a pro lash extension kit? Is it any good?
I'm doing a course & we have the option to purchase the kit too but I'm not sure whether to wait & see if we actually "need" the whole kit or if there are bits I can get cheaper or better elsewhere?

They are offering:

C-Curl Lash 0.20 x 9
11 & 13mm 0.5g of each Gel Eye Pads x 10
Mascara Wands x 5
Eyelash Combs x 5
Tweezers- Fine Point Silver x 2
Small Blower x 1
Microfibre Brush x 100
Jade Stone x 1
Silicone Lash Stand x 1
Micropore Tape x 1
roll No.1 Sensitive Adhesive x 5gm
Gel Remover x 15gm
DV Coating Sealant x 1

For £86
can someone advise if this is a good deal and/or if I Need/don't need any of these items? X
compare your prices with similar items from Lashbase.

with the exception of glue and gel pads, I get most of my supplies from them. It will give you a good indication of how good value for money your kit is
Thank you- il have a look. what glue do you use? X
I've just had a look and it looks like its actually a lash base kit anyway! The photos are identical and it works out a few quid cheaper to go direct from lash base so I've just ordered one of their kits. Is the glue any good? Or does anyone recommend a different glue? X
Lashbase are very good on prices and I would think you will save some pennies purchasing there ! Adhesives on the other hand must not be scrimped on in my opinion, I have used marvel lash glue would not recommend , Flirties yes very good, eyelash emporium again good and now I am using lash perfect ultimate II which is by far the best yet but is a bit fumey ! There are many glues and it all comes down to quality and personal preference and speed of application I think good luck x
Thank you il research the glues before I buy. I am trying to put down on paper my costs etc so could you tell me roughly how many clients would a 5g bottle of glue last of I were putting around 70 lashes in each eye?
I know it's very hard to tell but I just need a very tough idea?
Who are you going to be training with?

You should really use the glue that your training provider recommends. Then, once you are happy with your technique you can start trying different glues.

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