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May 7, 2012
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Just a quick question that any advice or answers would be appreciated. I've been doing Gelish nails for about a year now and I have a problem with some of the colors I use. When I apply the first coat of color, it seems to go on fine and then after a few seconds the polish basically looks like I didn't go all the way to the edge of the nail. It kind of creeps back up the nail and leaves the edge without any color. Not sure why it's doing this or if I'm the only one that's had this happen, but it's happened with lighter colors as well as darker. It's also happened at the salon I work at and my house so I don't think it's my base coat or lamp or anything.

Also, I always make sure I buff the nail first and use the ph bond and the base coat. Anyway, just checking if anyone else has had this problem, thanks!
Hi this sometimes happens if you work too slowly. It might also be that your foundation layer is too thick, it almost has to be a thin scraping layer on the nail, dry brushing also might prevent your product shrinking. Each layer of your Gelish needs to be nice & thin too. I much prefer 3 thin coats than 2 thicker!!
Hth in any way xx
In your prep, when you use cleanse, are you taking it over and then under the free edge?
Also, are you taking foundation as well as all colour coats and top coat over the free edge to cap/seal it?
Also when dry brushing sweep the brush along the free edge too like when you cap the products.
Also when dry brushing sweep the brush along the free edge too like when you cap the products.

Thanks for that. I always dry brush but don't sweep along the free edge so will defiantly take this piece of advice on x
its definately the dry brushing that will prevent this and I usually do 2 nails then 'squeeze' my brush out on my bed roll to make sure it doesn't build up on my dry brush, :biggrin:

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