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Jan 31, 2012
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Hi have been using colour graphics for years and have always had amazing results. Recently the graphics have been drying up really quick and not taking. It's also uneven I'm finding that the graphics on the top take much quicker than the ones underneath which I thought would be the other way around because of the heat from the head? It's been taking around an hour to take and then the end result is still yellow? Was wondering if anyone else has had a problem or if anyone knows if the have changed the promotors or powders?
The heat from the head doesn't come out sidewards! It comes from the top, as for patchy your not applying enough product or distributing it evenly, yellow ness...what pigments are you using for what? Are your measurements correct if your saying it's drying out? sounds like to much powder or not enough promoter x
We've been using colour graphics for years we've not changed anything that we do. All measurements are correct. We are having to reapply to all foils which costs time and money. We've mostly been using blue and purple pigment. I would say we've had around 20 clients in the past week were we've had to reapply either because it's dried out or not took? X
Is the promoter old? Powder damp?
Speak to your rep, it might be a bad batch if it's just one pot. They'll take it to be tested. xx
Will speak to rep on Monday thanks x

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