Problem with nail come off


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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

I have problem a lady come have infill today and b4 i make her nail she speak the nail i make her 2 come off in the first week she have and she think because she work resturant and wash glass many so she take off 8 more .

But now she have new nail she make in bangkok and she speak this time she have no problem so me think the nail i make her b4 no good .

I do not know what i do wrong this lady she the first 1 speak me like this but i do not know if an other lady same problem or not because them not come speak .

Mui ka
Sawsdee Ka Mui - well, if all your other clients don't have a problem but this one lady did - maybe sweetie, it's her and NOT you:| We always love to blame ourselves for the ONE and forget we have many more clients that don't have a problem! Maybe she broke them herself but wasn't excatly honest about the situation - because two were gone she ended up picking the rest off:idea: Who knows but don't beat yourself up about it and continue to keep an eye on her!! You will always have that one client that gives you no end of hassle!! Just remember all the other clients that are more than happy with your work!! :)
Sawasdee ka

Thank you but i am not happy this happen .

I make nail my sister 2 days b4 and i will look her nail every day see what happen with her nail .

I in my heart think if my nail is no good i unhappy because i make 2 course and try learn every day but i not do good .

maybe i go phuket town have new school i go look and speak some body .

Mui ka
Experienced nail clients 'hone in' on a new nail technician who has not much experience, like a 'heat seeking' guided missile hones in on an enemy aircraft. They tend to blame any problem on the nail technician to get a free nail or nails!!

Of course you don't want these type of situations to happen ... but it is very common and you must get used to it and learn to deal with it or you will be unhappy.

No one can tell you why a certain person's nail came off!! BUT, if all the others are on with no problems, then there is a 100% chance that the client herself helped the nails on their way by hitting them or something similar. this lady has a pretty 'hard on the hands' job and it sounds the most likely cause of her problems. Don't let her wear them to long. I'm absolutely sure she had the same type of probs with her other tech but is just preying on your lack of experience.
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