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May 16, 2003
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I have just received the new flawless pink powder from Creative and (without practising first) tried it out on a client last Friday. On every single nail there was a very faint line at the point that the second bead ended and where the third bead joined. What am I doing wrong? The client was very kind about it but I felt I had to give her a fairly substantial discount. Can't afford to do that too often!

Please help and advise.

Love Barty x
Ok, the ones who seem to be having difficulties with flawless pink are the one who are sailing ahead without getting to know it and how it works first.

Firstly, flawless pink is a camouflage powder designed to cover up flaws or to make a short nail plate look longer. NOT to be used on every client but as a means to an end.

Secondly, I find I have the easiest and best results when I just use one bead only for zones two and three, and then there is no problem with lines between the zones!! Easy. Just make a slightly bigger bead than normal , place in zone 2 and push back into zone 3 as well and smooth over the whole thing to draw up to the smile line (not over it).

When finished I apply 2 coats of 'Beau' (part of the LULU collection) and it looks just fabulous.

I have been reading that many technicians have tried it once and given up ... we are not all so clever as we like to think and still some things need to be practised a little before using in the salon. Same with any other coloured powder. My first attemps looked less than perfect too ... so I found a way that works just great and looks beautiful.
Thankyou, Geeg, for your prompt and informative reply. I can see that this will require some practice. The lady I used flawless on had a very short nail base so I just got all excited at the chance to use my new powder and just ploughed right in! By nail 3 my heart was starting to sink a bit but I had no choice but to carry on. Anyway, as I said, she took it very well but I knew they weren't PERFECT. I will go off now to practise as you say. Merry Christmas!
I have read comments elsewhere from other nail techs about this very same problem. I haven't tried it yet myself, so I can't offer my own opinion but they were saying the flawless pink is an opaque powder similar to the white powders, and the comparison is that if you were to use more than one ball of white powder on a tip you would notice the delineation there as well. So I think Geeg is right on when she says to use one ball for zone 2 and 3.

its all down to ratio...

Just as scratch mentioned... the same thing can happen to a white powder. Why? Because the pigmentation is so heavy that there can be a substantial difference in colour if the mix in one zone is slightly wetter or drier than the next.

One way to get around it is as Gigi mentioned... use one bead for Zone 2 & 3. Otherwise, ensure your mix is exactly the same in all zones.

Good luck ;)
OOOPS! I have just posted the very same problem before I read yours. Soz.

Before Creative came up with Flawless. dare I say it.... OPI ( swear word) bought out an opaque with their Absolute which I have tried and had good results but the reason for that, me thinks is because you work wetter with it. When Creative came up with this one I was over the moon but I just can't get to grips.
Try and try again, as they say.
OPI reckon that their new ABSOLUTE white will never 'cloud' no matter what.
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