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Helen v

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Aug 21, 2009
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Hi, I hope some fellow geeks will reply. I am currently undertaking my DTTL's course and am looking into my action research paper and just wanted to canvass opinion as to what you guys working in salons/spas/training centres think are the biggest issues/problems in our industry, and what if you could would change or improve?

I would like to thank you in advance for any replys. :)
I have found that the biggest problem in the industry is employers who don't follow employment law. I turned down a number of job offers before I found somewhere that was able/willing to pay my wages legally.
Lack of standardised qualification criteria.
I'm NOT making a judgement on which types of courses are better, just a comment that a central stamp of approval would better inform everyone of the various qualifications' real worth.
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Hi i did my cert ed a couple of years ago and i wrote my paper on the amount of students that train both young and mature and how few actually go on to work in our industry. It went down really well good luck with your paper. :)
Lack of regulations!
The appallingly low standard of basic education requirements for college entry.
And, controversially, the lack of work ethic in many of today's young people.
Thanks for the reply's guys, to be honest these have been the exact same issues i have been pondering on but it is always good to see other peoples views and takes on the industry.

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