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Which single Nail Rag could not live without?

  • Nails (UK)

    Votes: 18 31.6%
  • Nails (USA)

    Votes: 4 7.0%
  • Professional Nails (UK)

    Votes: 9 15.8%
  • Nailpro (USA)

    Votes: 3 5.3%
  • Scratch (UK new publication)

    Votes: 23 40.4%

  • Total voters
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Well I get all the ones from the Uk, a girl can never have enough shoes or mags.
I also get NailPro Europe, being German I just love the German stuff.
A little bit of home
Love Ruth xxxxxxx


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Jan 12, 2003
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I would love to know which magazine you all like enough, or feel is valuable enough to you and your business, to subscribe to on a regular basis.
Can we vote more than once?? I get them all!
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me wich is the best magazine to get for Ireland.
I know there is alot out there for the UK & USA, but an Irish one like "Irelnads business magazine for beauty & health professionals - SALON"
aimed towards nails only would be great. I do have copies of "professional nails" but most of the ads are for the UK or the north of Ireland.
Any help would be great.
nailtech said:
Can we vote more than once?? I get them all!

hehe... I used my geek supreme powers and changed the title to the poll. In polls, you can only vote once.
I am with Karen on this one, I used to get almost all of them. The only one I have never subscribed to is Nailpro Europe.

This current year I only have subscribed to Nails (Plus as us oldies (but goodies LOL) will always call it) and Scratch.

I always thought that getting one of the US magazines would give me an insight as to where the industry was going - what is the point in knowing new colours when you cant get them here for a few weeks - only leads to frustration LOL. It is an expensive way to become impatient LOL.

I gave up with Professional Nails as it comes with Professional Beauty and I dont have any real interest in this side so it just filled up my paper bin. Although I did hear that it is becoming a stand alone.

Here's hoping Scratch lives up to or exceeds our expectations.
... I value them all!!! :thumbsup:
I am very much looking forward to Pro Nails standing 'alone' so-to-speak as I think it will be great for competition and I think Kat will put her 'all' into it :goal: !! Competition should create great magazines - we hope!! I am loyal to Nails (+) and have always valued what they have enabled us to do for our industry AND they were the first NAILS ONLY mag at the time! :salute: I am excited and hopeful about Scratch because I think Alex and Scott want to be unique, different and contemporary which will keep us hooked (hopefully) for each issue!! So there :tongue:
I am trying to decide now whether or not to renew with Nailpro (USA) or not. I find more useful info in Nails (USA). I would keep them both if I had more money. The story of my life. lol

Just my 2 cents.
I already get Nails (UK) by subscription and I read them many times over. How can I get Scratch? :?
If you go to the top - hit SEARCH and put in Scratch - all topics on this subject will come up - there are a few if I remember correctly, that have the telephone number!! Hope this helps! ;)
I read all the nail mags over and over but if I had to choose one, would probably go for Nails. Decisions, decisions!!
i so look forward to getting my nail mags in the post :eyesore:
i get nails (+) a good old fav, scratch (love the new mag!), professional nails (even tho some of the content appears in nails and i chuck the rest of the prof beauty mag away too!whoops sorry to beauty people but facials etc... really arent my thing....thats why im a nail tech and not a beauty therapist), i also get nailpro europe, slightly different from the uk mags

i guess im just greedy and wanna know whats going on out there in the

I guess for me at the moment it would have to be Nails (UK). I have always found it informative and as Samantha has said it was the very first!!

Scratch at the moment is still in its infancy and is of a very different format. I'm hoping that they will both manage to bring something different. Scratch seem to have this in order, so good luck.

As for Professional Nails - unfortunately they do seem to just be a thinner version of what comes in Nails (UK) - sorry :rolleyes:

I get Scratch and Nails, I like them both and look forward to them arriving each month.

However, their reviews on products always annoy me. The magazines seem to be worried about upsetting suppliers (who presumably provide their revenue with advertising). For instance, Nails had an article this month about fast drying products. They were all listed but surely what we want to know is which one works the best?

Scratch had an article on Fibreglass for beginners. Again they listed all the various products available but no mention of which is thought to be the best, or which is the least smelly, or which mesh disappears well etc.

I'd like to see the kind of reviews you get in women's magazines where they give each product a score.

i have had all the uk ones before, i like the nails mag has it comes on time to my door and there is alot of stuff in them.
i do think each one puts different things in to one another or is explained better.
at the min i have professional nails and nails come and yes ok if ihad the money then i would get scratch too. i think its important to have one just to keep in touch with whats going on and i dont go to the shows as i have no one to have the kids, i have been once last year so this is what i need to keep me in the no how :D
Oh well - here's my tuppence - I used to always have professional nails, but since it split I haven't received a copy - got my pro beauty but not the nail bit - said it would arrive on its own - didn't! Due to renew so have decided to subscribe to Scratch - i thought it was quite innovative in its design and liked the layout - hope it continues to improve. :p
I get the 3 British mags. Have had a couple of copies of Nailpro (Europe) which I've picked up on my travels. I always seem to want the ones I dont get. :rolleyes:
Can anyone tell me .... is the American version of Nailpro the same as the Europe? (aside from being written half in German) or is it a completely different thing ...... oh no, might have to subscribe to another two then :shock:
Waffling, sorry ..... tired!
Right love
Ruthie wrote:
Oh well - here's my tuppence - I used to always have professional nails, but since it split I haven't received a copy - got my pro beauty but not the nail bit - said it would arrive on its own - didn't! Due to renew so have decided to subscribe to Scratch - i thought it was quite innovative in its design and liked the layout - hope it continues to improve.

Well if you have subscribed to Pro Beauty, you should have found a little welcome letter with the choice to either keep up the Pro Beauty Mag or change over to the Nail Mag Stand alone issues. All you have to do is, sign it and tick the box where it says , change to Nails for the remainder of my subscription.......even if that is only for one copy...........
Thats what I did and faxed it, so easy and you are not loosing any money on the change over either..........nice one Pro Beauty ..............

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
I get all the UK nail mags and couldn't live without them. Its a great rush when the good ol' postie drops them through my door :D Read them all from cover to cover on the day they arrive then keep going back over them many times until the next one arrives.

Only problem is hubby's complaining that they are taking over the house coz I keep them all - think I need a storage shed :oops:

Did anybody subscribe to these at Excel, and if so have you received this month's issue yet?

I have had my Nails mag for this month, but not the other two, just wondered if anyone else is having probs receiving them.

Jue ;)
Angels Nails & Beauty
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