promotional ideas?


Hi, im really stuck for next months offer. I only do manicure and pedicure treatments (mobile) as well as nail art, pamper evenings and little miss princess parties.

So far the offers ive done have been:

Full manicure with paraffin wax added for just £1!

10% vouchers, some £5.00 vouchers, refer a friend and recieve 20% off.

Ive only been going since september and although ive had a good response i could definatly do with being busier!!

I was thinking for November about doing either:

1) Buy-one-get-one half-price, - buy any treatment throughout november and get a second one half price (excludes pamper evenings and parties)

2) Purchase a full pedicure and recieve £5.00 off a full manicure

3) Recieve a free cuticle oil with every full manicure

Which of these do you think would be best for getting new clients? Im guessing option 1 would be an attractive one but do you think its a little extreme? It's only for one month though....

Or do you have any other ideas that i havent got here??

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give me....




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No 3 sounds good
How about book a manicure and receive free nail art to ring fingers and thumbs,
could just be a sticker on each nail to keep costs and times down.

Or book a manicure a receive free file and polish to toe nails,
clients tend to forget their toes at this time of year until the xmas parties and strappy shoes come out hth


thanks! I did do a manicure offer this month so was wondering whether to change it to pedicure this month or do you think its the wrong time of year to promote feet too much?. I like the nail art idea so might look at that too....



anymore replies?


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I donate quite a few £5 vouchers to local raffles, tombola stalls, school & community events.
Without exception, I've found that the client either upgrades the treatment and pays the difference, or they book for something else. Some buy vouchers for others too !!
I find it's a cheap way of promoting my business and generally people are delighted to win a voucher ( as opposed to a c*appy soap & talc set !)


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can they get anything for £5 with you though?