Public Liability Insurance in Ireland?


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Oooh - someone who stays up as late as me! Thanks for the reply, I think! :( You confirmed my worst fears I'm afraid, someone on another message board suggested I just ask around at a few Insurance Companies to see if they'd be willing. Professional Beauty did say that in the future they may cover the Irish Republic, just not yet. After having it drummed into me from training to make sure I get my Insurance, I'm loathe to carry on without it now. What a predicament! :rolleyes: Maybe I will have to go on a crusade - I'll be sure to let you know if I can find anyone who will oblige me for a reasonable premium (already found out that Irish Car Insurance is WAY more expensive than the UK :evil: ) Jackie.
I 've gotta tell you - it's not good news - apparently, Ireland doesn't have any insurance to cover nail teks. I just had to deal with this recently and we can't find a thing. You may have to start a crusade here!! I'm sorry it's not good news but that seems to be the situation so far. Let us know if you are able to work something out! ;)


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Mar 2, 2003
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I've recently moved to Dublin from the UK and am having terrible trouble finding somewhere that provides Public Liability Insurance specifically for the Nail Technician. I've tried asking at my local Creative Academy but all they could suggest was asking Professional Beauty, which I've already done (as my UK insurance was with them), but they don't cover the Republic of Ireland. Are there any Irish Nail Techs out there who can point me in the right direction as I don't want to start 'doing nails' again until I'm completely covered. Thanks, Jackie.
Sorry about that. We have always made sure our teks realise the importance of insurance!! It would be great if Pro Beauty could cover that for you - keep banging on at them - it would be an important step forward for Ireland as a whole and that place is going to explode soon with nails - get on tha band wagon and and you could say " hey, it's all down to me"!!! :D ;)
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