pure acetone??


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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
hi everyone,

does anyone sell product remover to customers i always soak off my clients, but a few have been buying acetone and doing at home. i've tried to tell people i don't use pure acetone but previous salons have told them they can get it from chemist. i know cnd sell little bottles are these for retail. are we allowed to sell it? it's just it seems expensive for me to sell is there anyway i get get it in small bottles. are beauty warehouse where i go sell little bottle of acetone but i don't want to use this any ideas?
Nope babe,
I don't sell this to my clients.......... I make it very clear, if they want enhancents of any kind removed be it wraps or tips and overlays........... they will have to have this done professionaly............

If they want to keep the nails beautiful underneath then i will be able to do that for them..........

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
I think clients who expect you to put the enhancements on but don't want to pay for you to remove them prefering to do it themselves at home are a bit cheeky.
You dont buy a car and expect the garage to teach you how to service it rather than take it back to them.

The last thing you want is people removing their own & doing it badly then telling all their friends "I had enhancements done by so & so and look at the state of my nails after they were removed"

Even though I'm not qualified in this area (well not qualified in ANY are yet LOL) from past experience of any sort of business I would preserve my professional integrity & tell them that whilst they may see products advertise in other places for home removal you do not recommend such treatment and therefore will not promote it as removing the product correctly requires skill just as applying it does.

Karen I totally agree with you. I have a blurb on my client record sheet that tells clients if they wish to remove the enhancements they must have them professionally removed in a salon. I do not want my name to be sullied because they have decided to pick them off and then tell their friends how I ruined their nails. I make sure they understand this before they leave the salon. In a nice way :D

I love your reference about buying the car and asking them to teach you how to service it !!! :shock:
thank you all,
sometimes it's like knocking square peg into a round hole, or is that the other way round. anyway thanks for clearing that up for me.
what i do to soak is apply a little cuticle oil to all fingers then soak in tip remover using the hot water in a bowl underneath the bowl with tip remover. is that right. sometimes the fingers look de hydrated any tips on making these nails look lovely!! some clients when they have had extensions on for ever and a day and there own natural nails are long. they just want a french manicure which i do. any tips on how to do this
thanks in advance.
god where would i be without this site. i would just like to say about three months ago i was ready to throw my brush in. now after reading past post and i mean all of them. i am getting there i am nearly 100 perc cent happy with my extensions. obviously i need loads more experience and loads more practice. but i'm getting there. and i know i owe it mostly to this site. thankyou everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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