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Dec 30, 2012
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One of the things I love about pureology is it has color care for all types of hair. They have come out with a new Reviving Red line, has anyone tried it out? I have a client that loves the pure volume line, and liked the idea that their was a type to specifically care for her red color, but wasn't sure if it would weigh down her hair. If it does would alternating the two be a solution? What about the styling products that the reviving red line has?
Hey babe, I'm in the uk so we haven't had the launch of this line yet so not est placed to comment, however I cross ranges all the time particularly with volume... I have a client that uses platinum shampoo and volume cond and it works a treat!! Are either the shampoo or conditioner coloured in the red range? I think I read somewhere you can add a colour shot??!! Be interested to know what you makeof them
From what I understand it is a line they are launching that is specifically to help keep reds from fading between appointments. Part of the line is a reflect enhancer (they have one for copper reds and one for red reds). You use them one a week and it sounds like they are similar to a color shot. I'll let you know how it works out!

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