Q&A:spa or raw earth pedicure?


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Mar 12, 2007
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Well,just for research...id like to know what pedicures you do from CND...and if you have a favourite...

Wether it be a spa or raw earth pedicure?

Or maybe,just give both options to the client.

Whats most popular? Do they give good results?...is one more pampering?

I need to know!
Thanks people:hug::green:
Spapedicure is definitely more pampering. Also great in the summer months as it really cools the feet down.

I have to admit I love the Raw Earth pedicure and think it is a great salon treatment. It is a great pedi for male and female clients ( my husband loves it) also a great pedi for winter months as the scrub has a warming sensation.
Raw Earth is a great simple pedi system with 4 main products.

Spapedicure is a more comprehensive & luxurious system with 11 products that you can mix to suit any clients needs. It also has some products which are great retail e.g.. Cucumber Heel Therapy.

So if you already have a regular client base...what sort of system would your clients go for?
Thanks Izzi.:hug:

My clients love the pampering aswell as the results from a pedicure.

I tried the cucumber heal therapy...and WOW,ive seen amazing results after a couple of treatments by just using it on my father in law...and this is with no tools,just this product alone.:eek::)

i will probably do both,but will probably favour the spa treatment as this seems so versatile,and good to retail aswell.:green:
When I was looking into the CND pedicures I decided that as the Spa pedi was so comprehensive (not to mention gorgeous!) that / wouldn't need any other.

To offer a price/treatment choice though I have one pedi price with massage and one without.

Hi hun,
Im with izzydoll spa ped is more luxurious but i adore raw earth pedicure :hug:
I also apply my cuticle remover at the same time as my mask...
I bag up the feet with heated boots and leave for 10 mins ! When i remove the mask (with steamed towels) (done in the microwave when mask is on) :lol:
I remove the cuticles at the same time and they are soooooo soft x x
I agree re the Spa pedicure being more luxurious... I had a new client this afternoon and one of the treatments she had was a Spa pedi, she'd rebooked me for 2 weeks time before I was even half way through it!!!!!!!!!! Speaks for itself I think.
I would recommend having both, I adore the Spa pedicure and in the warmer months it is fabulous, however you really wouldn't want it in the winter IMO and that is when I start to use the Raw Earth, which is as Izzi has already said a warming pedicure.

My personal preference is the Spa Pedicure I just can't get enough of all those smells :)
Ooooh Raw Earth for me, that scrub is divine!! The smell of R.Earth is more appealing to me as well, I'm not overally keen on mint smells like the Spa Ped! I do adore the massage silk though, that smells gorgeous.

I tend to do Spa Ped during the summer and Raw Earth during the winter, on clients. I mix and match the products too like using the cucumber heel for both etc :)
Most def raw earth.... and most of my men clients like raw earth better they say its a more manly smell :irked:...lol ... personall i think it smells nice .. nothing at all like a man smell ...lol xxx emily xx
I offer both, but for me the Spa Pedicure is my fav! I offer the Raw Earth as an alternative Pedicure, and then this is the range I use when doing a male Pedicure! The smell is more neutral, imo.

But I have got to be honest, if you could I would carry both as its good for clients to have choice! xxx

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