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Mar 25, 2008
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Just a quick question i hope you can help me with.

If you rented a room out to a therapist and you did some training days for yourself using the therapists room so that she/he was unable to use it would you expect them to pay for them days or knock it off the monthly rent?


Gee x
I'm not a salon owner but if I was renting a room I would excpect to be able to use the room for the agreed days. If there was a day I couldn't use it because the owner was using it for something, I'd be losing a days business so would expect some sort of compensation.
We would give you notice and not charge for that day. However if you were taking part in the training as well it could possibly be taken as payment for the training. I hope that makes sense.
Thanks for the replies, I didn't take part in the training as she was doing things I'm already qualified to do.

I paid my last rent today as I've left that salon now. I deducted the 3 days rent, I had told her i was going to do that a few weeks ago but she said I could still come into the salon, to do what I do not know.

When I gave her the cheque she was very um...impolite to say the least and didn't thank me or wish me luck in the future. wished my next landlady luck, implying that I'm a thief for not paying my full rent.

Its bothered me a little. I'm a sensitive soul :sad:
If you are paying for the use of that room then it has to be available for you to use on the days that you are paying for it! You are quite right and she is unreasonable to expect you to pay for it when someone else is in it.

Try not to let it bother you :hug:
well if you were renting my room, there is no way i would expect payment if you could not use the room.

brush it off and dont let it stress you. shes taking the michael and she knows it.

Thanks again for the comments :)

Some people just have the knack to make you feel like you've done something wrong even though you know you haven't.

I feel better now, and glad to be away from there!

Thanks all,

Sarah x
Sounds like you had a lucky escape from there, some people want it all their own way, you did the right thing and wish you every success for the future in your new premises!

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